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Get in My Belly! Tapas and La Boqueria

Food is definitely a challenge for us when we travel.  I love to discover new flavors while Adam prefers the same five familiar dishes.  This difference makes it literally impossible for us to agree where and what to eat.  Spain is the ideal place for us since you can find tapas in virtually every corner of the city.  Tapas are small dishes that you snack on while you drink as well as the answer to my prayers.  I love to eat, but was cursed with a 5′ 0 ft. frame and a stomach the size of a peanut.  I can’t consume a whole lot in one sitting and Adam clams up whenever I suggest we share something.  With tapas I can grab a small snack to tie me over while Adam enjoys a cool beer (or eating at Subway :P).  Some places will keep bringing you tapas as long as you’re drinking.  I love how you can order a large assortment of tapas to make a complete meal.  You can try everything without the guilt of overindulging.  We found a restaurant where each tapas cost 1.75€ and you just pay for what you eat.  You just need to keep those sticks so they can total up your meal.

Another food source we turned to was the Boqueria market for fruit and snacks.  Had we wanted to cook in our apartment this is where we would source our meat and produce.  Everything looked so fresh and delicious it made me wish I enjoyed cooking more. Next trip, I need to arm myself with some foodie friends!


July 13, 2014 - 7:33 pm

Angela - I love tapas too, for that very reason! You get to try more variety without getting too full on any one thing! The photos are beautiful and is making me very hungry indeed!

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